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Why Personal Shopping Is A Must This Winter

As the temperature begins to drop it is important that you layer up and stay cosy. However, there is no need to compromise on your appearance. Shake off your old sweaters and seek some style advice to help you stay chich this winter.

Here we speak to Company Director Rebecca Davies to find out her thoughts on the importance of her personal shopping services as the cold weather starts to bite.

Q: Why is now a good time to invest in a personal shopping experience?

A: The weather is changing, and we are right at the beginning of the winter season, so you have the pick of the fresh styles as they hit the stores. It is important to make the investment in new pieces early on so that you can get the most out of them.

Q: What are the benefits of clothes shopping before Christmas?

A: Some people opt to wait for the January sales before they go on a shopping spree, but there is no real benefit to this. Shopping earlier on in the season enables you to pick the items you truly love and feel great in, rather than being dictated by price and availability.

Q: What does a personal shopping experience involve this time of year?

A: We offer a range of personal shopping packages including full days and half days. Our stylists will take the time to understand your wardrobe needs – whether you require everyday wear, workwear, or a mix of both. They will research the latest winter styles that meet your requirements, while creating fresh looks. The focus for the colder seasons is very much on cosy knitwear, layering, coats, jackets, accessories and footware. You will come away with fantastic, yet practical pieces that you are excited to wear throughout the harsh winter months.

Q: Do some people shy away from clothes shopping over winter?

A: I do find that some people get stuck in a routine of wearing the same old jeans and sweatshirts that they have worn time and time again. Often, they don’t feel great about their appearance, but they aren’t sure about how to go about trying something new. Some of my clients are cautious of investing in items such a skirts and dresses as they aren’t sure what footware to opt for and that is where our style advice comes in useful.

Q: How can a new winter wardrobe boost confidence?

A: Fresh outfits that make the individual feel good will uplift them. You should feel excited by your winter wardrobe because of colour and interest such as patterns and textures. Daily dressing should be simple and quick if necessary, but you should always feel confident in your appearance no matter what the weather is doing.

Q: What is the key colour trend this season?

A: I am excited to say that it is emerald green – a wonderfully rich and grounding tone. It can be worn in a range of fabric, from various wools through to silks. I recently sourced some stunning ankle boots in emerald green that can add a punch of colour to any outfit. I will certainly be introducing this versatile colour to my clients.

If you would like to arrange a personal shopping experience with one of our stylists this winter, please visit our booking page HERE.

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