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Personal Stylist London

Spend some time with a personal stylist in London and change your wardrobe for the better 

Do you struggle to buy outfits for yourself? Perhaps you’re not sure if you can pull off certain styles? Maybe you’re dying for a new look and want the help of a stylist? If you want to change your wardrobe and the way you dress, spending some time with Style By Rebecca could just be the answer you’re looking for.

It’s not always easy buying for yourself, but with the help of Rebecca, you could give yourself a newfound confidence and be proud of the clothes you wear. Whether you wish to spend a full day shopping or half day, Rebecca can be flexible to your needs and will happily travel to places such as Bristol, London, Manchester and Glasgow.

By shopping with Rebecca, you can transform your wardrobe and wear clothes you never thought you could pull off. Taking into account your shape, size, budget and what look you’re aiming for; Rebecca has the ability to put together outfits that are guaranteed to make you look stunning.

To book an appointment with Rebecca, call today on 07775 851046.

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