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Love Your Body Shape

Here at Style By Rebecca we welcome you into 2020 and this year our focus is all about ‘loving your body shape.’ Our Director Rebecca Davies is working hard to educate people about the importance of accepting our own natural shape and size.

She encourages us all to make the most of our features so that we feel the best we possibly can in our everyday wear. Rebecca inspires others as she is clear in her message:

“2020 is an exciting year for us as we aim to raise awareness of body image and how clothes can look fantastic on anyone, no matter what your shape or size. We really want to help people avoid having a negative body image as this can lead to low self-esteem, depression and unhealthy dieting habits.

“My team of personal shoppers and stylists are working with me to help those who don’t feel comfortable with their current body image. To tackle negative feelings, we are encouraging everyone to dress to suit their body shape.

“It is so important we all learn how to love our body shape so that we don’t feel inadequate. Wearing the right clothes can provide a real confidence boost. Learning how to select items that flatter and emphasise certain features can be life changing.

“I recently worked with a client who didn’t feel happy with her body shape or wardrobe and she suffered with low self-esteem. Following a wardrobe overhaul and a couple of personal shopping experiences, she now feels excited about wearing a variety of new clothes that she feels fantastic in. She now knows which brands, styles and colours work for her and she no longer worries about her body shape.”

“If you feel unsure how to dress and don’t feel good about your body shape, our stylists can show you how the right pieces can create shape and rebalance the body. For example, you might want to balance out your shoulders and hips.

“While sizing varies you may be surprised to learn that many of us actually share the same body shape. Shapes include rectangle, through to apple and pear. Generally, we meet people who have a lovely curvy pear shape.

“All of us tend to strive for an hourglass figure, but you needn’t try and change your shape to achieve it.  Although it isn’t always easy to create, our personal shoppers have the know-how.

“They are highly skilled in sourcing the perfect clothing and accessories to achieve the desired look, flattering all of the right features.

“Our personal shoppers in London and across the UK can help you to learn about the clothing and brands that work best for you. Investing in a personal shopping session will give you a real confidence boost and you can step out throughout 2020 feeling fabulous!”

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